Negotiation Services

At TIZON, we are experts at negotiating purchase, sale and lease documents. Through our 50+ years of combined experience, we have been involved in a wide range of contracts and agreements. We have a proven track record for helping our clients reduce the costs and risks associated with their real estate needs through skillful negotiations.  We at TIZON understand what motivates real estate owners and buyers. Operating with a sense of urgency on your behalf, we negotiate the best possible terms for your lease, purchase or sale.  

If tenant representation is where your needs lie, our TIZON representatives will analyze your occupancy needs and assist with expanding or right-sizing your space. This allows you to focus on what matters most – running your business. We have the privilege of working with the finest attorneys. Should the need arise, our team of qualified legal experts will help to finalize critical areas of extensive lease documents.

Since 2007, Team TIZON has completed over 1,500 unique commercial real estate transactions, involving more than 3 million square feet of land or space for sale or lease. At TIZON, our knowledge and experience provides clients with a tremendous advantage. Problems can arise, common ground sometimes can't be found, and there are moments when personalities are the only thing standing in the way of completing a real estate transaction. It is times like this when experience pays off, it is times like this when the strengths of your broker will be immediately known, and it is times like this when you are glad that you called TIZON.