Tenant Advisory and Representation Services

Restructuring a lease prior to expiration or relocating an office in today’s business climate provides the most economically favorable tenant conditions in the last 10 years. Because of high vacancy rates and low space demand, companies are ideally positioned to:

  • Achieve lower rental rates
  • Obtain rent abatement (free rent) and other concessions, such as tenant improvements, to enhance physical office appearance
  • Reduce overall occupancy costs resulting in firm profitability

Clients rely on TIZON’s expertise to navigate all market options which may include early renewals of existing leases, expanding or down-sizing of current space prior to lease expiration, purchasing, or building an office facility. TIZON helps clients uncover and negotiate options through a proven process to maximize economics while minimizing our client’s time investment and resources.

Instead of our client's taking a day out of their work week to go look at real estate that may or may not make sense, we give them the ability to dictate to us which properties they think warrant further investigation and then coordinate meetings to see those specific properties. This minimizes the amount of time our clients spend away from their core business. 

TIZON has recently served as the strategic corporate / business real estate advisor for some of the tenants noted on our client page. Consider utilizing TIZON to improve your company's profitability by negotiating an early lease restructure, relocation or sublease depending on your current business climate. There is no out of pocket expense for TIZON services.