Acquisitions & Dispositions  

Through our combined 50+ years of experience in this business, we have completed a multitude of acquisitions and dispositions. Anybody can sell a piece of real estate; the measure of somebody's success has nothing to do with making the sale, but everything to do with maximizing the value. When we are selling something, we respect the process as a means of continual education. 

What you will receive is a meaningful, thoughtful, and well supported opinion of value that is based upon facts, recent transactions, and our knowledge of the market. Acquisitions are also a strength of ours. Our market is continually changing and values are always being impacted adversely or positively through these different changes that are occurring.

In order to understand these changes and their effects on value, one must be active in the field that they profess to be an expert in. We don't profess to be an expert in anything other than industrial and office because that is our sole focus. On acquisitions, we handle everything for our clients. For starters, we assemble a hard bound package of options that are on and off the market for our clients to consider. We don't ever tour our clients through 15 properties and spend a day of their time running around looking at buildings that don't make sense. We pre-qualify each building prior to our clients ever setting foot in them. 

This minimizes the amount of time our clients spend on non-revenue generating tasks, such as real estate and allows them to focus more on their core business, which is what generates their dollars. When a property is found, we negotiate the letter of intent, we negotiate the contract, and we provide as much due diligence as our clients request. 

Some of the services that we provide our clients include hiring of environmental companies, hiring of survey companies, recommending lenders and seeking bids for financing, hiring of appraisers, hiring of building inspectors, roofers, electricians, arranging plumbing and septic inspections, and much more. 

We track all processes on a single spreadsheet for our clients so that they know when critical dates are coming due and when money becomes at risk. We arrange title services, provide closing estimates, and we also recommend attorneys and act as a buffer between the buyer and the seller.